Amiga Resources

Links to blogs, forums and other sources of information that I have found useful or interesting


Epsilon’s Amiga Blog — Very active blog related to classic and modern Amiga hardware and software. — Want to get into low-level demo programming?

Everything Amiga — Really entertaining site and podcasts related to Amiga nostalgia and gaming.


Amiga Hardware Database — All about Amiga models, hardware, extensions, etc.

Big Book of Amiga Hardware — Probably the largest Amiga hardware reference on the net.

DLH’s Commodore Archive — Extensive collection of Amiga related books ranging from hardware references to software development.

MC 680×0 Reference 1.1 — Pretty much what is says on the tin.

AmigaOS Developer Docs — Good collection of documents and guides related to software development on legacy Amigas.


English Amiga Board

News and Articles

A history of the Amiga — Ars Technica’s insightful series of articles about Amiga history.

IRC Channels



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