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Moving Files Around

Transferring files between Mac/PC and Amiga using PCMCIA CompactFlash adapter

Quick update on how to set-up the PC compatible FAT/FAT32 formatted CompactFlash PCMCIA adapter to work in Workbench.

The process is quite simple, but I couldn’t find any universal quick-to-google-how-to guides related to the setup.

Using the CF cards is by far the simplest way to transfer files to Amiga, especially if you don’t have the Amiga online.

I’m planning to get the Amiga online soon, but having also the CF option to transfer files into and out of Amiga is really handy.

CF card and the PCMCIA adapter

I noticed that after having installed the ClassicWB, inserting unformatted CF card via PCMCIA adapter didn’t bring up the CF0:NDOS icon on the Workbench’s desktop.

This is how I got it to work properly.

Download the following files and extract the archives to ram disk:

  • cfd.lha — Use CompactFlash cards in PCMCIA slot
  • fat95.lha — Win95/98 compatible file system

Copy cfd/devs/compactflash.device to System:devs/ and files cfd/devs/CF0 and to System:devs/dosdrivers/.

Next — download packages CardPatch and CardReset and copy the files to the System:C/.

Edit your startup-sequence, and add the following two rows:

Run >NIL: C:CardReset TICKS 50

Insert the rows somewhere before the LoadWB command.

CardPatch basically fixes bunch of bugs related to handling PCMCIA slot.

“When a PC Card is plugged in the PCMCIA slot and cnet.device is not run then Amiga system slows.”

“CardPatch patches this ‘slow bug’ and other bugs in card.resource.”

“The CardResetCard() function is patched and each ‘new’ card is reseted after it is inserted in the PCMCIA slot”

Applying the patch should enable the CF cards to work properly.

Note that it may also fix other PCMCIA related issues which you might happen to run into when using, for example network cards.

To add the support for FAT/FAT32 filesystems,  copy the file fat95/l/fat95 extracted from fat95.lha archive to System:L/.

Now you should be able to use Amiga and FAT/FAT32 formatted CF cards with the PCMCIA adapter.