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Scotty, We Need More Power!

Upgrading the Amiga 1200 with ACA1233n 40Mhz

This little piece of accelerated coolness arrived in the mail today.


The CPU speed is not the necessarily the most important feature — the amount of memory is the thing.

Additional memory allows you to do cool things like setting up WHDLoad for gaming directly from the Workbench.

The ACA1233n packs whopping 128MB of memory.

The obligatory list of  specifications:

  • For Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500 with ACA 500
  • Full 68030 with MMU running at 40MHz
  • 127MB Fast Memory (32-bit) with burst mode support
  • 1MB reserved for MapROM feature
  • Dynamic clocking for power-saving
  • Card enable/disable in software
  • Memory available to onboard CPU if accelerator is switched off (not ACA 500)
  • Faster clockport for RapidRoad gives 55% speed increase
  • New software compatibility settings
  • Improved A1200 compatibility
  • PCMCIA compatible

I decided to also include the RTC (Real Time Clock) shield to retain the system date and time  between restarts.

The RTC shield can be used also without the accelerator card, and can be connected directly to the motherboard.

Installation was really easy — no tools required.

Done installing

The ACA1233n was listed properly in the Expansion Board Diagnostics. Check the Amiga Hardware Manufacturer Registry.

You can get into the boot options by holding left and right mouse buttons during the boot.

First boot

The ACA1233n does a good job in configuring itself. I didn’t need to run any additional configuration utils, or install any libraries to get the basics working.

Avail and cpu

I didn’t notice any heat related issues. The 68030 did get a little warm after longer period of use, but nothing compared to the typical temperatures of today’s CPUs or video cards.

Sadly the ACATune application doesn’t seem to support the ACA1233n. Running it brings up the Guru Meditation.

I would especially want have the MapROM  functionality working. The idea is to load the ROM contents into memory — this should increase the overall system performance significantly.

Some alpha/beta release tools seems to exists for enabling the MapROM — need to give them  a try bit later.

Sysinfo stats

Now, off to do some proper WHDLoad gaming…