The Amiga Has Landed (again)

Amiga makes the mancave

I bought the classic Commodore Amiga 1200 from an online auction site while ago.

It has now arrived, and I’m happy.

Amiga 1200

I actually never had this third-generation Amiga model, which sadly became known as the last affordable consumer Amiga Commodore released before declaring bankruptcy in 1994.

Commodore A1200 Badge
A bit of personal history

My first exposure to computing was the venerable Amiga 500 back in the late ’80s. I was the cool kid with a home computer capable of producing amazing graphics and actual multi-channel stereo music and sound effects.

Shadow of the Beast almost drive one of my friends into insanity.

After few odd years the coolness started to die down, as I was not able to play Doom on my beloved Amiga. The other kids in my neighbourhood had access to their dads’ work PCs with hard-drives and happily played Wolfenstein and Doom on a screen scaled down to the size of a matchbox.

I believe that 3d games played a major role in the demise of Amiga, and the Amiga gaming community.

Check this great video related to the Amiga FPS games — and the apparent limitations caused by the Amiga HW.

For me having an Amiga meant creating music, graphics and collaborating in games programming. I was never a huge gamer myself.

I accessed my first email account using Amiga back in 1994. I had managed to talk my dad around into buying a blazingly fast 14400 baud modem for the purpose of paying bills thru online banking services — I don’t think that he ever did.

My first exposure to programming was AMOS, which was the gateway drug to C and 68k assembler.

The level of access you had to poke the hardware is something missing from today’s systems, and still makes the Amiga architecture an interesting platform to develop onto.

A history of the Amiga — Ars Technica’s insightful series of articles about Commodore and Amiga history.

What next

After I have revisited majority of my childhood gaming memories, I’ll try obtain some modern upgrades — and pimp-up the Amiga 🙂

First — I need to figure out how to properly connect the Amiga to my flatscreen TV.

This composite shit won’t do!

Sadly it’s not a “retro” filter.

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